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Alexander R.S.
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United States
Current Residence: FL
Favorite genre of music: From Country to Rock
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Personal Quote: Time may heal all things, but it leaves a scar.

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I think its about time I actually wrote something here.

And I think I will write something really personal, so hear me out. I don't know if this will get long or if it will be short and too the point. As would be normal for me. You know, the one sentance "Hey" posts I have done about once a year. I think I want to work on longer more... full?... Conversations. Things that might spark dialog with you all.

Now onto the body of what I wanted to say.

So, I joined DA about 5 years ago, 6 this summer I believe. Once here I was lost for a bit, I had some terrible art. As expected from any high school artist that isn't an absolute genius. I posted them and was immensely happy with the one or two page views I got per post. Some months later I found a community, a group of artists that , despite varying quality of art enjoyed what they did. They even made up a little war to have fun and give themselves more reasons to do the art they liked.

This community was the Transformation community, and the group is the now De-funked "TG war" which spawned the second, less successful war and the failed "TG Space war". I joined at the end of the first and attempted to participate in both of the following events. Which sputtered to a halt not long after their beginning. Much to the disappointment of many of the particepents.

The subject matter of said groups exposed me to a side of the world I had never really noticed and introduced me to artists that seemed strange to me. It showed me the less, boisterous section of the real life transgender community. I'm talking the quite people who keep to themselves, not the stereotypical "Tranny" that you used to see in media (and maybe still see, I honestly dont know anymore). 

It was then I started realizing things I had in common with those quiet people. Not quite the same, but there were so many parallels that I was painfully confused. A few clueless confused years, Few nights up crying, Long journal reads and a few long conversations with friends with similar feelings later.  I found out what was wrong.

I found that the term that fits was Genderfluid. My understanding of what that means is that, in my head, I switch from feelings of "I'm perfectly fine with how I am." to feelings that I'm in the wrong body, That I should be different, that I shouldn't be a guy at all. But by the very nature, these feelings are fluid they go back and forth to varying degrees of each.

In short. Gender fluidity sucks, I thank my history in my communities for figuring it out when it became a problem.

So... yeah...

Fun o3o

Commision updates! Now with pictures!I'm updating the price sheet with sequential art and character sheets
All my art is pay on delivery. Which means If you opt for sequential art (And don't specify how many panels and of which type you want) I will sketch out what you want on line paper as a means of pricing your commission. If you don't like the price I quote you I can reduce the amount of panels as much as I can without hurting the story you want.
If we cannot agree, Then you may revoke your Commission, no penalty, no payment. I think that is a more then fair way to do it.
Example of planning sketch-
--Notice! 2--
Character sheets will be a flat rate and will be done on one sketchbook paper and scanned, you can tell me if you rather them done digitally or not.
Sheets will include 2-4 bust shots at different angles, weapons or powers being demonstrated or explained, Cloths shown off, and symbols or tattoos being displayed.

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NevermoreFox Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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AnjieZombie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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